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Kerbside Collection Changes - Easter and Anzac Day

Monday 14 April 2014

There will be no kerbside collection on Good Friday, 18 April or Anzac Day, 25 April. The collection will take place on Saturday 19 April and Saturday 26 April, except for the Northern Kaiapoi CBD collection which will take place on Thursday 17 April and Thursday 24 April. There is no change to the kerbside collection or transfer station hours on Easter Monday. 

Southbrook Resource Recovery Park and Oxford Transfer Station are both closed on Good Friday and Anzac Day.

Proposed Kerbside Recycling Collection Area

Monday 17 March 2014

A kerbside recycling collection area is proposed for the Swannanoa, Mandeville and rural Ohoka areas, based on the responses received from a postal survey that the Council carried out in October 2013. The areas shaded green on the Potential kerbside recycling collection area map (pdf, 802 kB) will be inside the serviced area - all properties with dwellings will be rated the proposed $72 per annum targeted rate (per dwelling), and will receive a 240 litre bin for their recycling, once the Council adopts the collection area.

Residents in the shaded areas are invited to make a submission to the Draft Annual Plan.

Waste Collection Household Survey

Friday 8 November 2013

The Council's kerbside recycling and refuse collection service is provided to mainly urban areas (around 75% of the district’s properties). We have received quite a few calls in the past year from residents in more populous rural areas, asking if we intend to provide a collection service for recycling and refuse. Customer Satisfaction and New Residents’ Survey respondents from non-serviced areas have also indicated a high level of interest in receiving a Council collection service.

This interest has prompted the Council to survey households in Ashley Township and Loburn Lea, and the Mandeville/Swannanoa, Ohoka and Fernside areas to gauge how interested they would be in receiving and paying for the Council’s fortnightly recycling collection or the fortnightly recycling and weekly refuse bag collection services. We are also asking Ohoka township residents, who already receive the recycling service, if they would like to receive a weekly refuse bag collection service as well.

These new areas are populous enough to make a roadside collection service cost effective, but only if all of the properties within a specific collection area are charged the targeted collection rate. The collection services would be charged the same targeted collection rate as the current Ohoka township or urban and rural collection areas ($75.50/year, plus refuse bags at $2.50 each). There is capacity within the current collection contract to extend services into these areas at no extra cost to existing kerbside collection ratepayers.

If there is a significant level of support for a collection service in one, several or all of the surveyed areas, the Council will include the preferred collection service and identified collection areas in the Annual Plan for a final round of public consultation.

Discounted Home Compost Systems available for sale

Monday 14 October 2013

We are now selling ZingBokashi compost systems and CompostZing at the ReSale Store at Southbrook resource recovery park; we sell Bokashi products at the same discounted price there and at our service centres. If you want a good-sized compost bin at a discounted price, Earthmaker compost bin kits are also available at the ReSale Store. Prices are on our Fees and Charges page. 

Update on What Plastics You Can Recycle

Thursday 23 August 2012

Plastic bags: We can now take all plastic bags, not just supermarket carry bags, e.g. shopping bags, bread bags, pellet fire fuel bags, and even the plastic wrap from The Press.

Please make sure the bags are empty and clean, and place them loose inside your recycling wheelie bin. Clean, dry plastic wrap only.

Disposable plastic (picnic) plates, cutlery and cups: rinsed hard plastic picnic-ware only, no polystyrene plates or cups.

Southbrook Resource Recovery Park

Monday 27 August 2012

The ReSale Store has proven to be a very popular place to shop even in the winter months, as it has a wide range of second-hand goods for sale, from glasses and dinnerware, through clothes, toys, picture frames and books, to furniture and tools, and a lot more besides! While we don’t weigh the second-hand goods in or out, we estimate that we have diverted over 90 tonnes that would normally have been sent to the landfill, through the ReSale Store.

In addition to second-hand goods, we have received 41.6 tonnes of hazardous wastes over the ten month period from October 2011 to July 2012 (19 tonnes more than the same period before the upgrade) and 1,265.7 tonnes of recycling (181 tonnes more), plus new initiatives have resulted in over 80 tonnes of electronic waste being recycled via e-Scrap (2,179 TVs, 641 computer monitors, and 14.2 tonnes of assorted electrical goods) and 10.5 tonnes of paint sent to Enviropaints for recycling.

The changed layout at the transfer station site has also made it easier for residents and businesses to dispose of garden waste, clean hardfill and plasterboard, and 2,124 tonnes of these materials have been diverted from landfill from October 2011 to July 2012 (199 tonnes more than the same period in the previous year).

Waste Management Plan Review

Monday 27 August 2012

Consultation on the draft Waste Management and Minimisation Plan was held between 28 April and 28 May 2012, with a public hearing and deliberations held on 20 June 2012. The final version of the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan 2012, which had been amended as a result of the submissions received as part of the consultation process, was adopted by the Council at its meeting on 7 August 2012. A total of 53 written submissions were received, and six verbal submissions were heard.

The 2011 Waste Assessment had confirmed that organic waste (garden and food wastes) and waste from construction and demolition are the ‘big ticket’ items now that the kerbside recycling and transfer station upgrade have been implemented. The Waste Management and Minimisation Plan includes a number of options relating to landfill diversion (for example multiple bin kerbside collections and other means of diverting organic wastes, improving access to recycling services for rural residents, cleanfill capacity, and regular waste audits) that the Council will investigate over the next two to three years. The Council will consult with the public on diversion options once the investigations have provided enough information to do so.

Refuse and Recycling Kerbside Collections

Monday 27 August 2012

Winter has seen a bit of a dip in the overall quantity of recycling and refuse collected at kerbside, which is usual for the season, however the wheelie bins have continued to increase total kerbside recycling tonnages since their introduction in April 2010. The increase has ranged from between 15% and 34%, and averages out to be 23% higher than the same period during the previous year.

Graph of Monthly Kerbside Recycling Quantities.

Unfortunately there has been an ongoing issue with the wrong materials being put in some bins – remember, if it isn’t recyclable (check the sticker on the bin lid, or our website, for what is recyclable) please don’t put it in the recycling bin. Ashes have been a particular problem over winter: they do not belong in the recycling bin, and you need to ensure ashes are cold before you put them in your rubbish bag or rubbish bin.

Don’t forget that if your bin is full and you have more recycling to get rid of, you can drop off excess paper, plastics, glass bottles, tins and cans, and large amounts of cardboard for free at the Council’s Southbrook Resource Recovery Park at 284 Flaxton Road. The RRP also accepts a wider range of recyclable materials than you can recycle at kerbside, and reusable household goods.

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